Skate With Us


Mixin’ Vixens train at Variety Village, an accessible space located at 3701 Danforth Avenue. Please see our accessibility page for details. Variety Village can be accessed by TTC, see details below. Variety Village is a large, bright, heated and air conditioned venue that has both gendered and multi-gender washrooms.


See our calendar for upcoming practices and events. Generally, we hold drop-in training sessions from 8 to 10 PM on Fridays. We do an off-skates warm-up that begins at 7:45 sharp.


$15 for a single drop-in, $40 for a full month. Cost for bootcamps and other events may vary.


For our practices, you will need:

  • quad skates (no roller blades!)
  • helmet
  • knee pads
wrist guards
  • elbow pads
  • a mouth guard
  • footwear that you are comfortable in for off-skates warm up

If you need more information about gear, please contact us directly or see our resources page for recommended skate shops.


To be eligible to skate at practice, you must either have previously purchased roller derby-specific insurance or be prepared to sign a waiver. Insurance is $50 and covers you from the time of purchase until December 31, 2016. You can purchase insurance or find out more information about our insurance provider at

Floor and Wheels

Our floor is somewhat unique in that it has a slick top surface, but a rubberized layer beneath it. It can be challenging for endurance skating, because it takes a little extra energy to build and maintain speed. We would recommend you bring your hardest wheels, but due to the floor’s texture, the wheel’s durometer will not change the skating experience as much as it would on a typical floor.


  • 12A from Victoria Park Station or from Kennedy Station, stops at 3701 Danforth Avenue
  • 20 from Main Street Station, stops at Birchmount & Danforth Avenue or Highview & Anneke
  • 69B Warden South from Warden Station, stops at Birchmount & Danforth Avenue