007 Triple D Stroyer

Triple D Stroyer
Preferred Position
Playing Derby Since
Five years
Favourite Position
All of 'em!
Name/Number Origin
Triples and doubles! There are three positions on a derby team, and I like 'em all, and I've got three names that start with D (thanks, Mom and Dad). 007 cuz this agent has a licence to... probably not kill, or even destroy, so much as mildly hip-check you? Whatever. I'll take it.
Other Leagues
GTAR's Derby Debutantes
Atheletic Background
Probably in one of those graffiti-tabled establishments that has live music and beer.
When I'm not playing roller derby I'm....
The only thing better than a derby scrimmage is a derby scrimmage followed by a hockey scrimmage.
Secret Super Power
It's unbelievable how fast I can eat ice cream.